5 Best Proposal Ideas in 2019

Table of contents
  1. For the Thrill-Seeking Couple
  2. For the Traditional Couple
  3. For the Romantic Couple
  4. For the Travellers
  5. For the Couple Young at Heart

Proposing to the most important person in your life can leave you overwhelmed with excitement and nerves. How do you execute the perfect proposal to surprise the most important person in your life? How do you make sure your proposal will get you a guaranteed “yes”? Keep reading on to find the best proposal inspiration to boost your confidence to plan your perfect proposal.

Proposal inspiration can come in many forms, find the section that best describes you and your partner and be prepared to be flooded with proposal ideas.


  1. For the Thrill Seeking Couple
  2. For the Traditional Couple
  3. For the Romantic Couple
  4. For the Travellers
  5. For the Couple Young at Heart

For the Thrill-Seeking Couple

You might think planning a proposal is enough of a thrill to seek. If you and your partner enjoy a rush of adrenaline why not propose right before jumping out of plane or bungee jumping. Literally jump into a new phase of your lives together, just make sure the ring is kept in a secure place! If sky diving or bungee jumping is too much of a thrill seek, how about, planning a trip to the Swiss Alps or a scenic hike trail. Propose in the great outdoors with a beautiful view of the natural environment.

For the Traditional Couple

Three things are a must have for the traditional couple:

  1. Your partner’s parents blessing
  2. Both your families are there to witness
  3. You getting down on one knee

Traditionally, the first step in planning a proposal is asking your partners parents for their permission to marry their child. Once receiving your partners parents blessing, this is a great opportunity to enlist their help for the perfect proposal. How about planning a surprise party for your partner and have both sets of family and perhaps close friends there to witness the magical moment and to help you both celebrate afterwards. Have a close family member host a party and pop the question then or organise a casual family get together.

For the Romantic Couple

If your other half loves to be swept off their feet and treated like they’re the most important person in the world, because they are! There are many ways to surprise them and show them how thoughtful you are. Think back to the spot where you first met or the first date. Recreate this moment for your partner and reminisce back to when you first started dating to where you are now as a couple. You might also decide to make this date a sunrise or sunset date or plan this date as a picnic. Pick the perfect moment to tell them how much you love them and why you need them in your life forever. This perfect moment can also happen at a candlelit dinner either at your favourite restaurant, a fancy place or dinner cooked by you. To set the romantic atmosphere, have lots of candles, flowers, smell of delicious food and quiet music. Depending on the romantic setting of the proposal photos of you and your partner together during various times of your relationship can help set the romantic mood too.

For the Travellers

Perhaps the beginning of your love story began when you met abroad or perhaps your love for each flourished over the course of travelling the world together and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives continuing to travel the hidden wonders of the world together. Make this dream clear by proposing to your partner at their favourite place overseas. For example, if your partner is in love with Venice, propose whilst rowing in a Gondola boat or if they love the natural wonders of the world propose whilst watching the magnificent Northern Lights and let nature put on a show for you both. If you met overseas, start the trip at the location where you met and start the new chapter of your lives there or a proposal at the location that you both have been dreaming of and have the trip of a lifetime.

For the Couple Young at Heart

For the couple young at heart, there are many exciting and fun proposal spots. If you and your partner enjoy a good competitive game, why not incorporate the proposal into one of your favourite games you both enjoy. For example, in monopoly you can make a community chest or chance card with the big question on it or add in a rule on a gaming device game. If indoor games aren’t your thing, why not propose on your favourite carnival/adventure park ride, for example, imagine sitting in the ferris wheel embracing the moment with your partner whilst you gaze at your town or favourite place. If this sounds too thrilling, maybe try your luck at a carnival game. Pretend to win an awful prize or actually win your partners engagement ring. Heard your favourite artist/band is performing at a location nearby, why not try get the artist/band to give you both a shout out before popping the big question or take the pressure off yourself and have the artist/band ask your partner for you. 

Now that you have all the best proposal ideas for your other half, it’s time to plan and execute the perfect proposal. Have a look at our other proposal articles if you’re looking for more information or if you have the perfect proposal in mind, check out our collections to find the perfect engagement ring.

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