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It is customary for the wedding day to be remembered and celebrated every year, almost always with the classic bouquet of flowers or the inevitable romantic dinner. But perhaps not everyone knows that there is an Anniversary Almanac, that is a handbook where we can find all the names of the years of marriage. Why is it interesting to know these names? ... let's read them together and you will understand:

  • 1 Year - Paper Wedding
  • 2 Years - Cotton Wedding
  • 3 Years - Leather Wedding
  • 4 Years - Fruit Wedding
  • 5 Years - Wooden Wedding
  • 6 Years - Terracotta Wedding
  • 7 Years - Tin Wedding
  • 8 Years - Copper Wedding
  • 9 Years - Bronze Wedding
  • 10 Years - Iron Wedding
  • 11 Years - Wedding of Steel
  • 12 Years - Silk Wedding
  • 13 Years - Lace Wedding
  • 14 Years - Ivory Wedding
  • 15 Years - Crystal Wedding
  • 20 Years - Porcelain Wedding
  • 25 Years - Silver Wedding
  • 30 Years - Wedding of Pearls
  • 35 Years - Coral Wedding
  • 40 Years - Ruby Wedding
  • 45 Years - Sapphire Wedding
  • 50 Years - Golden Wedding
  • 55 Years - Emerald Wedding
  • 60 Years - Diamond Wedding
  • 65 Years - Wedding of the Moon
  • 70 Years - Wedding of the Sun
  • 75 Years - Wedding of Stars

As you have noticed, a material has been attributed to each wedding year that represents the strength and duration of the marriage, that is, the more the years pass, the more the materials become important, solid, and precious ... just like marriage. since the Middle Ages, he would like us to give ourselves an object made with the material corresponding to the year to celebrate on the day of the anniversary. Yes… .ok…. The medieval tradition… ..but as we said before, in our days, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a candlelit dinner during a romantic weekend are more appreciated.

However, we think that the anniversary ring can be present to your lover at any jubilee.

We in Perth consider them two important milestones in our married life and on these occasions we have the habit of giving the Men's or Women's a jewel that represents not only the strength and duration of the marriage but which is also a symbol of continuity.

This is why more and more couples are choosing to buy a second wedding ring for any anniversary of their marriage or add an anniversary ring to the first wedding ring. However, it is not easy to find the right ring to match (sometimes they are too thick, too shiny, too worked, too thin… .etc.etc.), That's why in ℐstoriα we have over 200 models of anniversary rings with diamonds. Having such a wide choice of models, you will certainly have the opportunity to find the ring that represents your years spent together more easily, but above all a precious ring that will accompany you in the happy years to come.

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