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ℐstoriα, an online jewelry store, offers women gold and diamond bracelets. Find out what the ℐstoriα can do for you!

Gold and diamond bracelets for women

ℐstoriα is an online jewelry store that designs, manufactures, and markets its own jewelry. Since 2008, ℐstoriα has made designer jewelry accessible to as many people as possible at the right price. ℐstoriα is a specialist in gold and diamond jewelry. It is natural that the ℐstoriα offers gold and diamond bracelets for women crafted to perfection.

ℐstoriα jewelry is designed by designers and designed in the workshop by jewelers who ensure their design by hand. The ℐstoriα Masters and Craftsmen of Jewelers demand an optimal quality of finish for each reference of gold and diamond bracelet. To apply this requirement, Edenly jewelers respect precise specifications which allow them to produce the perfect jewel to wear on every wrist.

The ℐstoriα essence is intimately linked to the Garden of Eden, the source of inspiration for every gold and diamond bracelet for women. The Garden of Eden shines with its enchantment and poetry. There are floral and plant inspirations that subtly blend in with gold and diamond bracelets. The Garden of Eden is also synonymous with abundance. Thus, ℐstoriα offers a rich range of gold and diamond bracelets for women. There is in the ℐstoriα collection, a gold and diamond bracelet for each personality and for each femininity. The ℐstoriα collection references classic-style gold and diamond bracelets or more original and unique models. ℐstoriα is a universal gold and diamond bracelet brand.

With 10 years of experience in jewelry, ℐstoriα has based its activity on the values ​​and commitment of expertise, emotion, and ethics. This culture makes it possible to offer an irreproachable quality of jewelry, ensure traditional know-how, offer attractive prices, and ensure attentive customer service. ℐstoriα, beyond selling its jewelry, is committed to its customers.

Choosing an ℐstoriα gold and diamond bracelet means benefiting from free delivery, free exchange or resizing, free engraving, and the possibility of a full refund for 30 days for your gold bracelet. and diamond. Choosing an ℐstoriα gold and diamond bracelet also means taking advantage of a 20% offer on the second piece of jewelry and the other models.

Gold and diamond bracelet, a universal jewel for women

Like the necklace, the bracelet has been feminine and masculine ornamental attribute since the dawn of time. Initially in wood, horn, leather, or even woven with vegetable palms, it is then available in precious metals, adorned with stones with strong symbolism. From the simple strap laced to the wrist to the prestigious golden cuff rolled up on the pharaohs forearms, the bracelet is this symbolic jewel of link, belonging, identity (as proof of the traditional engraved gold curb chain) but also of power, elegance, and trend.

The gold and diamond bracelet for women is worn on a daily basis as it can turn out to be accessory jewelry for a particular event. Wedding, ceremony, or anniversary, the gold and diamond bracelet can accessorize a dress for any occasion.

Today, it has lost none of its distinction and remains this iconic piece that guarantees a successful gift. The gold and diamond bracelet is practical and does not require knowing the wrist circumference of the person concerned, a "one-size-fits-all" piece of jewelry that avoids any indelicate error in size. Party, anniversary or symbolic event, the gold, and diamond bracelet is an essential gift idea. In addition, no fear of offering a duplicate bracelet if the interested party was already wearing one: the advantage of these jewels is that they can be added and accumulated on the wrist, for even more femininity.

How to choose your ℐstoriα bracelet?

Two styles should be distinguished: chain bracelets or cords, which offer flexibility and fluidity of movement of the jewel on the wrist, and bangle bracelets, which themselves are of a rigid format.

ℐstoriα  gold chain bracelets for women are adjustable in the length of 18 cm, 17 cm, and 16 cm, which allows you to adjust the length of your gold bracelet to your wrist for more or less fluidity and guarantee

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Our consultants help you choose the best jewelry for any budget by keeping in mind your wishes.

ℐstoriα offers jewelry that is sometimes up to 50% cheaper than a traditional or online jewelry store for similar or even higher quality. Attractive pricing was made possible thanks to a supply of gold and diamonds and a short-circuit distribution of gold and diamond bracelets.

ℐstoriα offer - beyond sensitivity and gods.

A natural diamond always comes with a technical report signed by a professional gemologist. A diamond certificate is its ID, which summarizes its specifications and associated grades. And rest assured, all stones in ℐstoriα are certified.
We know how hard it is to find information in the jewelry industry. That’s why we’re committed to being super transparent about our jewelry-making practices. When you buy an ℐstoriα jewel, you can rest assured that our expert designers are here to help. We can provide you with all the need-to-know information on our diamonds and metals.
Afforable prices
Forget about middlemen and unpredictable import taxes. Here at ℐstoriα, we provide you with the highest quality fine jewelry at unparalleled prices. Our innovative direct-to-consumer business model means that you get the quality you deserve without the mark-ups.