Anniversary Mens Ring Perth

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Giving a man a gift, especially an anniversary ring, is not as easy as you think. Because all it takes is a mistake or an idea that doesn't match the recipient's personality to see your gem end up in boxes of unused memories. Here are 4 important points to consider in order to make the right choice.

Symbolic volume

For a man, the symbolism of a gem has 2 dimensions. The first relates to his personal inclinations and style, as the accessory is intended to spice up the outfit. The second aspect is more difficult to define, especially if you are a woman: the symbolism of the gem in the collective male imagination. Whether it's a ring, bracelet or necklace, the accessory must match the masculinity of the wearer as he defines it. Let's start with a ring that has acquired a sentimental dimension as a result of social connotations, in particular for alliances and loyalty rings that materialize a union between two people. But if you want to get rid of this stereotype, you can definitely give an anniversary ring to a man. Once associated with the most privileged sectors of society, today this men's ring symbolizes masculinity. To allow the recipient to wear it regularly, choose a silver, bejeweled, character that is highly dependent on your budget. For more information visit this site.

Wearing and using

We all agree that women have mastered the art and patience of changing accessories every day, depending on the outfit, mood and occasion. But men have a different attitude to jewelry. With rare exceptions, most choose jewelry that can sleep, swim, or shower without risking damaging them. Therefore, when choosing men's jewelry, focus on quality. Ring versatility remains another criterion to consider as it is rare for gentlemen to take the time to match their bracelets or rings with their clothes. Specifically, before buying a gift, ask yourself if the decoration matches the recipient's daily life:

For those who work in the office, choose a tough and practical anniversary ring.

For the athlete, choose a sweat-resistant ring.

For the BCBG man, choose a thin and discreet ring.

Size and girth

As with clothing, you should pay attention to the size of the jewelry. It goes without saying that choosing a necklace requires less precision, but when you want to buy a ring, you absolutely need to know the size of the wearer's finger. So all you have to do is go with him to the first local jeweler and ask him to take measurements. But you don't want to spoil the surprise or make this person guess what you are going to give them. Then give preference to this option: take the ring that he is used to wearing and going to the jeweler yourself. Another approach might help: take a ruler and measure the circumference of the old ring. Some people refuse to choose a ring as a gift for men for the simple reason that they cannot know the exact size. Note that many tutorials on the internet make this pretty easy to do.

Surprise effect

Wanting to find the best anniversary ring that fits these gentlemen's expectations perfectly, we sometimes forget that giving a new boost to their style isn't such a bad idea! Then you can choose an original piece of jewelry that he is not used to wearing and that will completely change his appearance. A warning! Take small doses of originality. If this man is still wearing a suit and tie, there is no point in giving him a ring with a red and black skull pendant: common sense. Prefer a gold anniversary ring that he will know even if he is not used to wearing it.

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