Natural Diamonds VS Lab Grown Diamonds : 4 Key Points

Table of contents
  1. Recognizing the Difference
  2. Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?
  3. Examining the Environmental and Social Impact
  4. Comparing the Present and Future Value
  5. Conclusion:

You’re looking to purchase a diamond but are not sure which one to pick. How can you tell if a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond are the same or different?

I’m going to show you 4 important points to help you easily understand the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds. This post will help you learn the following skills and information:

  1. Identify and compare the appearance of a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond
  2. Understand how a lab-grown diamond is created and how the composition compares with a natural diamond
  3. Learn about the environmental and social effect lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds have, as well as compare the impacts
  4. Compare the present price of lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds as well as a look forward to the future value

Recognizing the Difference

Can you guess which two diamonds below are lab-grown diamonds?


Top left: Natural diamond

Top right: Lab grown diamond

Bottom left: Lab grown diamond

Bottom right: Natural diamond

There is no difference in appearance when you compare a Lab grown diamond and a natural diamond. A trained gemmologist would not be able to identify between the two without the use of advanced equipment.

Both diamonds have the exact same appearance as each other because they share the same chemical and optical properties.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Lab grown diamonds are real and have identical properties as natural diamonds. This is because both have the same physical and optical properties. View the chart below to see the similarities.

Examining the Environmental and Social Impact

Lab-grown diamonds have a much lower negative impact on the environment. The process that is used to extract natural diamonds brutally destroys the environment and increases our carbon footprint. For example, the ratio of land that is affected by the mining process for natural diamonds is 1281 compared to Lab-grown diamonds which is 1 to create the same diamond. Below is a chart comparing the environmental impact:

Lab created diamonds prove to be a much safer way to develop diamonds. The development of lab grown diamonds poses lower risks compared to natural diamond mining. View the chart below to see the difference:

Comparing the Present and Future Value

Present Value

Lab grown diamond prices are almost 30-40% less expensive than natural diamonds in the year 2018-2019. 

Future Value

Lab grown diamond prices are expected to steadily decrease in the future as the amount of producers increase and the cost of producing lowers as technology advances.

Natural diamond prices are expected to remain steadier over the course of time. This is apparent when you compare lab grown diamonds in 2017 being 10-20% less expensive and in 2018 being 20-30% less expensive.

The Real Value

The monetary value of lab grown diamonds will decrease over time. However, the real value of lab grown diamonds lies in its positive impact on our environment and the reduction in exploitation of workers in society. Thus, it is a safer way to make natures gift of love, a diamond.


Both lab grown and natural diamonds make a beautiful choice as a gift for any occasion. If you prefer a sustainable and ethical option, lab grown diamonds are a suitable choice. On the contrary, a natural diamond will be more useful if you value the monetary aspect.

Which type of diamond do you prefer to receive as a gift and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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