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From 0.10 to 1 carat and more: choose the price and quality according to your budget! The purchase of our products online by credit card, PayPal, check or transfer is secure. For more information and for any questions about our diamond necklace in Perth (type of alloy, origin, manufacture, delivery), do not hesitate to contact our customer service available by phone or email.

String diamond pendant in Perth

Buy your gold and diamond pendant on ℐstoriα! On our ℐstoriα store, discover our complete collection, a wide choice of pretty models made in Australia.

Choosing the right diamond and pendant model

To choose from our eclectic selection of diamond pendants, visit our boutique's online catalog. The quality of our diamonds is certified and guaranteed exclusively by the three best gemological laboratories: IGI, HRD, or GIA.

In jewelry, the carat is the unit of measure for the purity of precious metals. Thus, a carat represents the percentage of an alloy in relation to the total mass. In gemology, the carat corresponds to a weight of 0.2 grams. It is a more precise unit of measurement than grams for measuring the weight of gemstones.

The beauty and price of a stone are assessed as much by its weight as by its purity, color, size, and luster! Having always fascinated jewelry enthusiasts, precious stones and diamonds carry a history of intertwining eternity and rarity, giving them exponential price and value for their carat weight.

Do you want to match your pendant with a ring or earrings? Remember to choose the style (ring with a classic, contemporary design ...), the type of metal (rather gold or platinum which goes better with diamonds than silver), of the alloy (rather 18 carats than 14 or 9 carats) of your piece to highlight your stones and get a rendering even closer to perfection and in perfect harmony with the jewelry you already wear.

Are you looking for a specific pattern for your diamond necklace? For example, do you want a yellow gold diamond cross pendant with precise and finely worked details? Make us a request for a custom diamond pendant creation. Following your purchase, find on your order confirmation page in detail the items in process of manufacture and delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us if a product with a specific ref was not available on our website, we can make a tailor-made and personalized creation. If you fell in love with one of these items and it is no longer available, you can request to be notified when this ref is in stock.

Whether mounted on a ring set with stones or on a brushed gold cross, the diamond is the rare pearl of jewelry, always highlighted through creations that are sometimes classic or sometimes contemporary. Its shine naturally combines with the color of the metal in a beautiful fusion. A must for elegance, the pinnacle of profusion and wealth, the diamond river necklaces worn by the big stars nurture an even greater dream, that of passing to the other side of the small screen or of wearing the finery seen in the cinema in being the queen for a night ... Set on a cross, the diamond takes hold of religious symbols to turn them into symbols of luck in a modern way. It is the precious accessory, lucky charm that accompanies our heart for a lifetime!

The woman's diamond pendant, the epitome of elegance

Between a white pendant and a small black diamond pendant, your heart swings? We guide you through the purchase of your diamond pendant online. More than a simple matter of taste, the purchase of a piece of jewelry is based on a real choice guided by very personal criteria. This crush, intimately linked to a story, to your life, to a meeting, or an anecdote of one day, reflects both your personality and your inspirations. Sometimes play the role of an oriental princess wearing a Persian sapphire or sometimes fall for the infinitely white diamond of a sparkling necklace. Magnify a neck, a nape of the neck, enhance your femininity, dress up an outfit ... Browse the home page of our ℐstoriα boutique to discover all our collections of necklaces and diamonds. Personalize your order, while respecting your budget for a safe purchase!

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A natural diamond always comes with a technical report signed by a professional gemologist. A diamond certificate is its ID, which summarizes its specifications and associated grades. And rest assured, all stones in ℐstoriα are certified.
We know how hard it is to find information in the jewelry industry. That’s why we’re committed to being super transparent about our jewelry-making practices. When you buy an ℐstoriα jewel, you can rest assured that our expert designers are here to help. We can provide you with all the need-to-know information on our diamonds and metals.
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