Top 5 Romantic Proposal Inspiration for 2020

Table of contents
  1. Memory Flashback:
  2. Walk Down Memory Lane:
  3. Your Published Love Story:
  4. Unforgettable Trip Away:
  5. Grand Romantic Gesture:

Planning a proposal can be complicated with so many different options to choose from. Where do I propose? What ring do I get? And how do I not let the big secret out? Proposing, is to ask your best friend, your lover and the other half of you to remain yours forever. So, this day should just be about the two of you and those who have supported and loved you the most, if you would like to share this special moment with them. This article will help you plan that special moment in a unique and romantic way.

Memory Flashback:

Take your partner back down memory lane through all the big key events on your relationship. This could be the first date, first kiss, the spot where you both said I love you or important moments in your relationship. Speed date through these key points and highlights in your relationship. Pick the perfect moment and ask big the life-changing question. This could be the during the date or the very last date within the big memory flashback date. The last date could also be an engagement party to celebrate. As this is a big task to complete you could enlist the help of family members and close friends (that will of course keep your secret) or to assist with the transitions of the mini dates. If moving to the different locations is too difficult, why not just visit the place where it all started and recreate the first ever date you had.

Walk Down Memory Lane:

Take your partner for a walk down memory lane. Find an area with large space, for example your home together, a section at your local park, your partners place of work or your partners favourite place. Attach a substantial amount of red velvet ribbon from one spot to another that guides the walk for your partner which will eventually lead to you, who is waiting at the end of the ribbon. Attached on the ribbon is little notes and pictures recreating the blissful memories of your relationship on the walk. You will be waiting for your other half at the end of the ribbon to create a new chapter in your relationship.

Your Published Love Story:

Surprise your significant other with your published love story. Publishing your love story is a very thoughtful proposal and there are countless online options to assist you to create and print your very own book of love. If you would like a modern twist, create your own movie trailer using videos and images that you both have taken over the years. This movie trailer could then be played on a movie night, tell your other half that you have picked the perfect movie for you both to watch. Then when you are both comfy, snuggled underneath some blankets, press the play button. This trailer could also be played at the local cinema before the movie comes.

Unforgettable Trip Away:

Have you and your other half been dreaming of a holiday away together. Why not book the trip of a lifetime for you and your lover. Perhaps there is a destination that you and your partner have been talking non stop about going too. Surprise your partner with a trip to this place. Think about the spot that you want to propose to your partner at. This could be either at a fancy hotel or resort you’re staying at, whilst out sightseeing or hiking, at the airport where you surprise your partner with the trip or just at whichever ever moment seems right.

Grand Romantic Gesture:

The grand romantic gesture, this proposal is when reality becomes a fantasy like something you would see on the big screen. The grand romantic gesture is about being thoughtful and special for your partner. This could include a proposal that occurs on Christmas, New Year’s eve or your partners birthday. Picture this, it’s the Christmas morning, the most joyous time of year. The smell of delicious food is in the air and the sound of laughter and presents ripping open can be heard. So many wonderful memories to look back on from the year. You and your other half are sitting close together as you give them your hand wrapped present. As you partner opens it in wonderment you take their hand and look them in the eyes as you ask them to be yours forever. The ultimate gift that you both could receive on Christmas morning.

The grand romantic gesture can also occur on an anniversary or any other day. The grand romantic gesture could include you planning a private dinner (possibly cooked by you) by candle light with her favourite flowers and music played low. Or picnic underneath the lights of the sky. Your partner might also enjoy a break away or being pampered, the grand romantic gesture could be to take your partner to their favourite place and book a luxurious hotel were your partner can relax and unwind. As you arrive at the room or suite have the staff leave a trail of roses to the spot where you will propose to you the love of your life.

Pick your favourite grand romantic gesture to surprise your partner with and get working on planning this special proposal. Comment below your proposal stories or if you’re not engaged yet, comment your ideal proposal.

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