What Are the Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2020?


Many celebrities have been tying the knot this year giving us jewellery lovers inspiration and ideas for our own jewellery. From elegant emerald rings, outstanding ovals and heavenly halo’s I will explain the 2019 design trends and how you can use these trends in your own jewellery or just like me enjoy the gorgeous eye candy.

Elegant emeralds

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Anthony Ramos/Instagram

Jenifer Lopez, Jenifer Lawrence and Jasmine Jones wear elegant emerald cut diamond engagement rings. The emerald cut diamond is unique and distinct shape in society with few people rocking this elegant diamond shape.

The emerald cut has a visual effect of making your fingers appear slender and also making the diamond look larger then it appears because of the larger table. Emerald cut diamonds look graceful in a solitaire style engagement rings as the focus remains on the breathtaking shape of the emerald.

Heavenly Halo’s

Credit: Courtesy of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Sammi Sweetheart/Instagram

Halo style engagement rings are bright, dazzling and brilliant, a fashionable style that makes a statement of beauty and energy. The smaller diamonds surrounding the centre stone makes your diamond appear larger and create extra brilliance. Demi-Leigh and Sammi Sweetheart both wear stunning halo style engagement rings.

Outstanding oval’s

Courtesy of Melissa Benoist/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Katy Perry/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Katherine Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Melissa Benoist, Katy Perry and Katherine Schwarzenegger shine extra bright this year with their outstanding oval cut diamond engagement rings. If you are looking to steer away from the norm of a round cut diamond but still want a diamond with brilliance and fire the oval cut is ideal for you.

Being the most brilliant of all the fancy shape cut diamonds, having a larger appearance than a round diamond the oval is ideal for those who want to wear a unique ring style that has flair and brilliance.

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