How to Do Your Best Engagement Ring Choice

Table of contents
  1. 1. Balancing diamond size and quality
  2. 2. Select a design that suits your partner
  3. 3. Buy a diamond that has a grading report
  4. 4. Add a personal touch with engraving or symbolism
  5. Conclusion

You’re ready to propose to your partner and you want to make sure you select the perfect ring. There are countless aspects you need to consider when making your selection from the type of diamond to the style of design.

To help you select the perfect engagement ring I will share with you tips that the engagement ring pro’s use when choosing a ring.

  1. Balancing diamond size and quality
  2. Select a design that suits your partner
  3. Balancing diamond size and quality
  4. Add a personal touch with engraving or symbolism

1. Balancing diamond size and quality

Selecting a diamond can be confusing and overwhelming with so many different designs to choose from. Should you choose one with the best quality or should you sacrifice quality to for a larger size? Here are some helpful tips that the professionals use that can help you get the right balance between size and quality.

Quality is important until you start looking at a magnified level. Have you ever seen a person look at another person’s engagement ring with a microscope or magnifying glass?

Neither have I, that is why you should not choose a clarity grade that has a super high grade where you can barely see the inclusions using a microscope and also not too low where you can see the inclusions to the naked eye.

Diamonds with a VS2 grading are perfect, they will not show visible inclusions to the naked eye unless you use magnification and are not expensively priced compared to higher clarity grades ensuring that you save money which you can re-invest towards a larger sized diamond or an even better honeymoon!

(insert scale and show were VS2 grade is)

For example, 1.00ct G/VS2 diamonds retails for xxx compared to a 1.00ct D/VVS2.

Select a diamond in the near-colourless range. Diamonds that are in the near colourless range look stunning and you will notice any colour unless you start to go below this range (insert table showing the ranges). Selecting a diamond in this colour range rather than going for the highest colour will guarantee you save money that you can re-invest towards a better diamond. For example, 1.00ct G/VS2 diamonds retails for xxx compared to a 1.00ct D/VVS2.

2. Select a design that suits your partner

Your partner has a unique style, their tastes in clothes, jewellery and their persona will suit a specific style of design as well. Below is an infographic to help you match your partner’s style with an engagement ring style:

3. Buy a diamond that has a grading report

When you buy a diamond there are several factors that you have to consider, what cut will you select, are these measurements perfect, is the colour ideal, all these characteristics have dramatic impacts on the appearance of your diamond. Therefore, it is worth making sure the characteristics you are selecting are held to a grading standard rather than buying a diamond with no certificate and no standards to compare in which you are not sure what you are buying is correct.

4. Add a personal touch with engraving or symbolism

When you give the gift of a ring it is a very personal gesture with great meaning, you can make it even more personable and memorable by adding engraving on the inside of your ring or on the ring box. (insert example) Furthermore, your partner may have favourite colours or objects that have significant meaning to them or both of you, by selecting a custom design you can work together with a designer to incorporate this into your ring design adding extra uniqueness and thoughtfulness.


Selecting a diamond within the eye clean and near colourless range will ensure you spend more wisely. Choosing a ring that is more personel and matching your partners style helps add uniqueness and thoughtfulness. If you have any further questions or would like some help with designing your partners ring leave me a comment below or contact me.

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